31 Aug 2015
Taking pride in what you do seems to have become old-fashioned. So maybe I'm old-fashioned but that's just the way I work.
24 Aug 2015
The demise of email has long been prophesied but it's still hanging in there.
17 Aug 2015
Marketing... well that' easy surely? If you mean easy like motor racing or playing the flute, then, well, maybe.
10 Aug 2015
It's an old expression, but still so true. And in the era of the internet it works too. If you buy something from eBay for £3.00 when everywhere else it's £30.00 there really does have to be a reason... and it's normally quality.
3 Aug 2015
Do you have any tech that needs a bit of care & tenderness to coax it in to doing its job? Is there anything in your online presence that you do just because it's a comfort blanket?