Marketing Stragegy

Marketing Strategy

“Who should we be targeting, what are my competition doing, can you help define our sales messages and what’s the best way to reach new prospects?”

Markets, business sectors, & geographies

Knowing your markets and the key businesses and individuals to target enables you to take a much more precise and relevant approach in selling to them.

  • Tailor your sales messages, brochures, webpages and lead generation tactics to a particular audience. Speak the customer’s language.
  • Focus on selected sectors with customised messages, promotions and sales strategy.
  • Identify buyer profiles - don’t waste time and energy chasing people who are unlikely to buy.
  • A focussed approach is always more effective than a generic shotgun approach.

Key competitors

How you stack up against them in terms of:

  • Who are they, where are they, what are they doing, should I be worried?
  • What are their product offerings, pricing, and innovations?
  • How do they compare financially and as a business?

Strengths & Weaknesses

Understand your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your business (SWOT).

  • What are you great at, and what needs improving?
  • Are there new regulations looming, or has a new competitor entered the market?
  • Does a new technology offer advances in production, or has a new major project been announced?
  • What should you be doing now to counter the threats and take advantage of the opportunities?

Without a clear understanding of your market and the factors affecting it, it’s hard to develop an effective sales and marketing strategy.

In the corporate world this kind of market analysis and strategy development is normal and expected, and we have done it across many markets (e.g. marine, IT, energy, automotive) – let us help you to define your strategy, or just provide an independent viewpoint to validate your thoughts.