23 Feb 2015
Take a step back before plunging in to social media. You'd think carefully about introducing a new product or service... what's the investment; running costs; projected return? Embarking on a social media marketing campaign is no five minute job, so stop to think before making the commitment.
16 Feb 2015
Search engine results. Don't you just hate it when you click on a link in your favourite search engine only to find that the page you end up on doesn't even pretend to contain the content you were promised?
9 Feb 2015
What's your website for? Is it to sell products directly; to inform and advise; or to deliver compelling messages about your products and services? Whichever it is, your website is your shop front. In an age where we comment that, dropped in any high street you'd be hard pushed to say which town you're in, wouldn't you like your "shop front" to stand out from the crowd?
2 Feb 2015
If you've read other articles here you may think we're from an earlier age. Not so... we just believe in spending a little time looking before leaping in to the fire...