25 Apr 2016
One of the first decisions in any marketing campaign is to choose a target market. Without a target your campaign runs the risk of offering nothing to everyone. However, it's still possible to run a campaign that doesn't totally exclude those outside your chosen target.
18 Apr 2016
You've probably seen all the "expert" advice online and in books telling you what marketing you should be doing. But if we all follow this kind of advice, how are you going to stand out from your competitors?
11 Apr 2016
Much like styles in the world of fashion, marketing has a habit of regurgitation old ideas as something really new. I'm not suggesting that the flares in beige and platform shoes should be strutting their stuff now, but it's rare that a true marketing innovation hits the streets.
4 Apr 2016
Taking account of both what you sell and the people you're targeting must go hand in hand. If you know nothing of the person you're trying to contact then ensure you're not going to alienate them no matter what situation they may be in.