30 Mar 2015
The buying process has changed over the past few years. With the advent of huge amounts of product and service information online, together with other people's opinions, the average buyer will first do their research on the internet. This applies to many buyers whether they're individual consumers or part of a large corporate purchasing operation. So what does this mean to the marketer?
23 Mar 2015
TV advertising has a lot of work to do in order to gain our attention. With all the fancy gizmos that let people pause live telly or just record it to watch later, it's all too easy to, at best, "show" the ad at the wrong time of day, or more likely have it skipped over completely. And there's always the kettle too. So you'd think that advertisers would want the very best creative output available. You only have to switch on the TV to know that ads were not all created equal...
16 Mar 2015
Having someone else review your website is a useful way of ensuring that you don't continue to drink your own bath water. If you've written the content and placed the images it's all to easy to stop there and leave it alone for a few years. However, new visitors to your site may well get completely the wrong impression of your organisation...
9 Mar 2015
There's no doubt that online content is an effective way of getting noticed these days. The majority of most organisations' target market will do their research on the Internet. So how do you actually create all this content?
2 Mar 2015
How many of your marketing emails actually read by your potential or existing customers? Getting a few basics correct in your email campaigns makes a big difference in the return on investment on these activities.