25 May 2015
Well OK, so there's no physical swimming involved, and the channel I'm talking about isn't wet either, but the line is good. The thrust of this item is that there's no point talking to someone if they're not listening.
18 May 2015
A bit of passion about your subject is a good thing. Whether it's talking with the press or writing your latest article, it's having your own opinion that gets you noticed. And if that opinion is controversial then all the better.
11 May 2015
You're faced with a law suit, so you hire a lawyer... Your car stops in a cloud of smoke, so you call the AA... You get a burst water pipe, so you call a plumber... So why not call a marketer when you need more sales leads?
4 May 2015
Selling ice to Eskimos is reputedly a hard thing to do. In marketing terms you'd need to establish why it was beneficial for Eskimos to pay for your ice rather than dig up their own. But more fundamentally, does it make sense to consider Eskimos as a suitable target market for your ice-making business? This article addresses one of the fundamentals of marketing strategy - your target audience.