29 Feb 2016
Advertising is pretty subjective, and of course must be aimed squarely at your chosen target audience. Choice of a tag line is equally important - some get it right, and, well, some don't.
22 Feb 2016
Marketing does work - lots of organisations agree with this.
15 Feb 2016
The use of social media in marketing needs to be seen as more than just a one-off event. There's lots of potential in this marketing "channel" - from influencing people, through converting sales to providing customer service. You may not need all of these layers, but it's worth considering the bigger picture.
8 Feb 2016
Need professional marketing on board, but can’t justify a full time post? Many businesses struggle through marketing, but there's a better way.
1 Feb 2016
Your strapline is very, very important. In just a few words it should say a lot about your organisation.