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Exactly who am I marketing to?

Exactly who am I marketing to?

That’s a really good question right now: as we speak, everyone is confined to quarters apart from the key workers, many businesses are in sleep mode, and some of those may not wake up. So what is the point of banging the marketing drum right now? On the face of it, no point at all.

However, answer yourself this: if your business is currently in the doldrums, are you keen to get restarted? Yes? I thought so; you and the rest of the country. Here’s the rub. Whatever industry you’re in, your competition will be in exactly the same boat, so whoever is quickest out of the blocks is most likely to pick up the first wave of new business. So ask yourself the question; should I kick-start my marketing just before the restrictions are lifted, or wait until finally they are?

If you’re still reading, you’ve come to the right conclusion; most people with an ounce of sense realise the importance of keeping ahead of the game, and that’s bound to include some of your competitors. The trouble is, of course, nobody knows how long this is going to last, so when to restart banging the drum? I’m afraid we’re in no more a position to answer that than you.

What we can do to help out is to defer billing clients who are keen to get out of the blocks quickly until such time that at least some restrictions are lifted, and business is showing signs of returning to something like normal. It may well be a slow start for everyone, but it’ll be a heck of a lot slower if you sit on your hands for too long.

You know how to contact us, so now would be a good time if you want to stay in the game.