28 Mar 2016
Humour, used wisely is a good thing in marketing. Most people do have a sense of humour so appealing to it - within your target audience - can be a useful approach.
21 Mar 2016
Think beyond the simple act of purchasing a product. It's not just a monetary transaction; your product is being acquired to fulfil a need. Tap in to the need and you're one step ahead of your competition.
14 Mar 2016
You wouldn't generally set about a trip in the car without knowing where you want to end up. Marketing is just the same. Successful, cost-effective marketing isn't the same as buying a few adverts. To achieve a good return on your marketing investment you'll need to spend some time thinking about strategy before opening your wallet.
7 Mar 2016
If you have a legal problem, you hire a lawyer; if you have a plague of rats you call a rat catcher. Somehow this logic often doesn't extend to the problem when some companies find they need more sales...