Lead Generation

Lead Generation

“My team always need more sales leads, but I need to do it cost effectively. Should I be advertising in the press and directories, online or in print, using direct mail or bulk emails, can social media and my website generate leads?”

More Sales

If you need more sales leads we can help. We’ll work with you to agree the most appropriate mix of marketing activities to suit your objectives and budget, and select the tools to track your results, so you get the best return on your investment.

Lead generation from Big Red Moose can include:

  • Email marketing – effective, trackable results.
  • Direct mail – yes it can still work!
  • Advertising - online and in print.
  • Content and copywriting – getting your sales messages across effectively while increasing interest in your offerings.
  • Media – helping you select the right press & journals for you.
  • Events – trade shows, press and partner briefings, customer demonstrations.


  • Telemarketing – lead follow up, or key contact identification.
  • Social media & website landing pages – dedicated to your campaign.
  • Contacts databases – building and maintaining a good database is the foundation of effective lead generation.

It makes sense to make sure that all your marketing and promotions are integrated, pushing a consistent brand image and sales message, so that each item reinforces the next. We can help you develop and implement an integrated marketing plan that produces results.