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Will they buy it if I don’t tell them?

I’m acutely aware that I may well be preaching to the converted here; this piece is more designed for those that don’t read this blog, for those that don’t ‘get’ marketing. If, however, you’re not converted – a marketing agnostic, to labour the analogy – allow me to point out what is logically, blindingly obvious; indulge me.

A good friend of mine is moving home, and much of his stuff will not be required in the new place. Put it on GumTree, he said. Another friend regularly buys bits and pieces from car boot sales, and being that he has a pretty good eye, knows what will sell on eBay. As a result, he has a good deal of pocket money. Both knew they had something to sell, and both knew exactly how to get the stuff sold.

What, they chorus, has flogging bric-a-brac and redundant furniture got to do with marketing? Everything, that’s what. If you have a business, then unless you’re Public Sector - and even then, this can apply - you need ‘sales’. If you want to do business, you need to tell prospective customers what you can do for them. That’s called ‘marketing’. So why then, Mr marketing agnostic, am I told that you aren’t doing any marketing because sales are low? To the enlightened, marketing is obvious and logical, yet to others, running away from the solution is their preferred course.