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Where's Wally... Hide & Seek

Over the past few weeks I've been talking about some of the aspects of marketing strategy, considering the areas we all need to think about. It's the "who", "what", "when", "why", "where" questions that should be fundamental to the whole thought process.

Unless you have a very unusual product or service with no competitors you're likely to be in a "Where's Wally" situation where your target customers find it hard to find you. Rather than hiding in plain sight, you need to help them seek you out by making your organisation a bigger fish in a smaller pond. Just how many analogies can I get in to this article?

The idea is to work out which corner of the market you can dominate. This could be anything - geographical, unique features, specialist in a specific sector and so on. It may be simply a matter of pointing out something you've known for years, or it could be that you need to invade another organisation's market.

The key though is to make sure that whatever your differentiators are, they actually matter to your potential customers. Whatever you come up with, always ask the question "so what?".