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What’s in a line anyway?

The strapline: the little mini-statement that should tell the world about the integrity of your company, your values and what you stand for. It is the opportunity to tell your customers exactly why they should trust you and why they should buy from you. It is very, very important.

So who on earth came up with the concept that potatoes could do more? Which bright spark thought that I had never lived before because I didn’t drive a French car: ‘Start living’, he said. The Audi strapline is in German, and most television viewers in the UK can regurgitate it, yet who has bothered to find out what it means? I was mortified when I discovered that I couldn’t own another type of French car as it offered ‘Urban solutions’; I live in the country. Sorry about all this, but you’re going to start looking at all television ads and giggle, if you haven’t been doing so already.

OK, this is all a bit flippant, but there is a serious side to all this. If you are commissioning an organisation to come up with a strapline, have a good, long think about what they’re suggesting, as an awful lot of television advertisers haven’t. Your strapline should be ‘simply clever’.