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Top of mind

If you're lucky enough to have a brand that people in your sector will all know, then making sure that they think of you at the right time is very important.

While your competitors will be trying to grab attention with offers, features, benefits and the like, your audience already knows what you have to offer. This is great. But don't fall in to the trap of complacency - others in your industry will happily pick up attention and business if you take your eye off the ball.

Advertising as a reminder

"Not the thing" these days, but those old enough will remember "Silk Cut" advertising. It had no words, just an image of a cut piece of silk. Smokers knew the brand, so the advertising simply reminded them of the product. Clever.

Keep it simple

So if you don't have any shiny new products, just keep it simple; remind your audience that you exist, and that your products are ideal when they're in the market for a new purchase.

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