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Is telesales dead?

For many in the sales and marketing community, early teeth were cut on the selling of advertising space on the telephone. I was one; I thrived on it as I had been well trained and worked on successful publications. Life was good, and I enjoyed training others in turn. Now look at it.

As a business owner today, my time spent with a series of constant interruptions by legions of badly trained and cringingly over-familiar youngsters telling me I’m paying too much for my utilities or that they could get me so much better a deal on my phone and broadband. When I was trained, we were told always to be polite, never patronising, to speak slowly, enunciate correctly and if you were naturally articulate, so much the better. Now, it seems, it’s not just some of these rules are broken, but all of them.

However, because I came from that background in a past life, I can never bring myself to be rude to these people; they’re doing their job, and it’s a thankless and demoralising occupation when things aren’t going well. They are also very likely to be under a great deal of pressure from their taskmasters to hit targets. The biggest problem is that there are so many calls being made to businesses around the country that the overall efficacy of telesales is being ever more diluted.

So, to the question: is telesales dead? No, not yet must be the answer. However, in the increasingly unlikely situation when the caller gets through to the right person, they will have no more than five seconds to differentiate themselves from the rest, and this can only be done through great training.