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Social media for business – a layer-cake

I've talked before about social media, pointing out potential benefits and pit-falls.

Over the years we've seen the same beliefs time and again. “This one-off advert will boost sales”; “Now the website is built people will flood in”; “If we turn up at this event we’ll be sorted for months”. One-off actions do not make a marketing campaign, and still less do they offer long-term – if any – positive results.

The same is now true for social media. “Adding a Facebook page for my business will sort everything”. Social media, like any other marketing channel, requires consistent activity. And with the bi-directional and “live” nature of this new channel there’s far more scope than just posting a replica of your web page.

Social media can be used to funnel your potential customers through the levels of blissful ignorance, interest, attention, product need or desire, then sales. You may also consider existing clients being supported through social media, and clients becoming advocates of your business.

In the right circumstances these levels of the social media layer-cake can be used to bolster sales. But… there’s a lot of work involved. The skill is in balancing the amount of work with the likely results.

Get in touch with us – we can help you to see how many layers could help your business.