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So What? Two Key Attributes Of Good Writing For Marketing

Writing to avoid scepticism and to engage potential customers

Unless you have already established a connection with your potential customer, firstly, they're going to read your piece quickly - even just scan read it; and secondly, they'll treat it with a healthy level of scepticism.


Keep your writing brief and to the point. Include lots of breaks and titles so that the reader can see what you're talking about without having to read absolutely everything. This approach means that even with just a brief glance, people will get the gist of what you're saying. If it's something they're interested in they'll read more. And if you've truly engaged their attention they'll be ready for the next step in their journey to becoming your customer.

So What?

Read everything you write - each bullet point, each sentence and each paragraph - and ask yourself "so what?". If you can't answer, or if the answer isn't something your potential customer will care about then re-write.

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