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Small Company B2B Tools

In business to business sales & marketing for a small company there's often limited resources and your potential customer base isn't that huge.

So what marketing tools can give you the best return?

Email Marketing

We've mentioned email marketing many times in the past. The reality is that it's not going away any time soon.

If you have buyers and decision makers who routinely spend time trawling Twitter or Facebook then absolutely, use those as methods of communicating with them - they're great in the right place.

However, our experience in the B2B world is that more often than not, your target audience opens letters, picks up the phone and reads emails. The rest of the time they're doing their day jobs.

Contact lists

If you have a decent list of contacts who'll happily accept marketing emails from you then you should be using it.

It's a relatively cheap and easy thing to do, and results are generally very good.

You've two broad areas to talk to via email - your existing customers and your prospects.

Keep your existing clients up to date with new products, success stories and offers. And your prospects should be shown similar content but more obviously targeted at new customer sales.

Day to day sales

So how do you go about gathering all these email addresses? Well, ask your existing and new customers whether they'd like to be kept up to date - more often than not, people will opt in, particularly if you're providing great products and services.


Another way to get people on to your distribution list is to offer useful content on your website. Keep working on it - your website shouldn't ever be considered as finished.

The more useful content you add to your site, the higher the likelihood that relevant people will find your site. Get them to sign up to your newsletter.

Search Engines

You'll see a lot of talk about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Well, these days, much of that job is just offering good quality, unique content on your website.

You know your trade, so write about it online.

You know your products and services, so talk about them - what problems they solve; how they're going to save clients' time and money; how life will be so much better once a customer has made that investment.

I said up front that resources are often limited - and that's why we're here at Big Red Moose. We can plug the marketing gaps when and where you need us - a top-up resource if you like. So if you need some help or advice, give us a call... or drop us a message.