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SEO vs. Creative marketing

Search engine optimisation is the antithesis of creative marketing”.


You are in business, so you have a website. The only reasons you would not have one is because you have only one customer, you have more than one, but don't want any more, or you've given up. So you have a website and you have droves of folks telling you that you need search engine optimisation, you need to get up the search engine rankings, or you will lose your business. So you ask someone to optimise your website for the search engine, and now you're happy. Whoopee.

Now do the logic. You have competition, and so do the search engine optimising folks. Your optimising guy deals with you, and his competition deals with your competition. Logically, the guys that win throw the most money at it because they have invested more in optimisation than their competitors. So if you want to win, you'll have to throw even more money at it than your competitors until they raise the ante. Again. Play poker, do you?

Rather than talk to the whole of the Googlesphere - and let's face it, what proportion of the many billion Googlists actually want to use your services anyway? - why don't you use the hard-earned cash that you would have spent on SEO, and instead get them to use their fingers to type in your website address, when you will have their undivided attention?

I'm not saying SEO is bad... you just need to think about it before doing it. If you've just read all that, gone "wait a minute", then you are so in the right place.