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Selling Something Complicated

There's two things you need to do to sell something complicated.

1. Convince people that they need it; and

2. Explain what it is.

The need

To convince people they need your product you need to show how their life will be better once they've parted with their cash.

"Better" is all down to perception, and could include

  • being financially better off
  • having more time to do other things
  • feeling better physically or mentally

The explanation

Firstly you need to decide whether to make your product sound simple or complicated - and that rather depends on the type of person you want to become a customer.

Cars are typically made to sound much more simple that they actually are. These days a few buttons will get you going, point you in the right direction and park up when you get there.

Shampoo - just how complicated is that? So why do we need all these fake-sounding chemicals? It's a differentiator used to make the product sound targeted, "clever" and worth the price tag.

If you choose the complicated route you may need to back up your proposition with various marketing pieces such as "explainer videos" and "white papers" that explain the technology in greater detail.

If you need any help, give us a shout. We have wide experience of coming up with a whole variety of approaches and providing the supporting evidence.