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PR - Who Needs It?

Why PR?

So the first question is about what PR is for. If you get mentioned in the press you'll get wide-spread exposure that's seen as independent. That helps with

  • Awareness of your organisation
  • Sends a message to your competitors
  • Can increase enquiries
  • May open new opportunities

It's a cost-effective way of reaching people who you may not be able to contact in other ways.

Who Needs PR?

If you're a start-up then PR will help to establish you as a player in your market.

If you've developed something new and different then PR will help to educate your target market about how your product will improve their businesses.

If you're an old hand and are well known in your market, PR helps to maintain that position and to ensure that your competition is kept in its place.

It's also good for making your staff feel good about the company.

What To Talk About

Your offerings to the press need to be news-worthy. If you're a British Aerospace or a Microsoft, then pretty much anything you say will probably get picked up by the press.

However, the smaller organisation needs to make sure they're saying something that is going to be of interest to your chosen publication's readers. And in general, a piece that announces some new iteration of a product isn't going to fit the bill. But a case study or a controversial opinion on a current topic should get you some coverage.

Build A Relationship

It helps to build a relationship with your target publications so they know they can call on your expertise if they need a comment on something.

If you need help, guidance or ideas then get in touch with us.