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Nurture Your Leads

So somebody has given you their contact details. Maybe at a trade show; it could have been from downloading something from your site; or even a face to face meeting. Don't miss the opportunity to keep in touch with them.

For the most interested, picking up the phone is always a great approach, but for the less warm leads email can work a treat. Just make sure that your message is short, to the point, and includes a strong call to action.

The important components are:

  • The email should be sent from a real person - no "no-reply@" messages
  • Having a compelling subject line
  • Use a strong image, but make sure the email still works if people don't have images enabled
  • Keep the message short and easy to read
  • Include a strong call to action

Keeping your company in their mind, together with providing them with something useful will all build towards a closer relationship and probable sales.

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