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Now With Crazedunclium

Being able to point out exactly what it is that a product or service is going to do for your clients is pretty fundamental to any sales or marketing. But somehow that point does seem to elude people. If I can't see the point of a product then why will I spend money on it?

"The point" may not be anything physical like making my hair shiny. It could be that the product makes me feel good, or special. Just look at things like designer clothing. The quality may (or may not) be better than the cheaper alternatives, but what's the difference between manufacturing and sales costs? 

Brand becomes an important concept here. The up-market company will spend significant sums of money on building an aspirational brand, and that's what you're buying in to... and paying for.

So back to the crazedunclium. If you've come up with some new technology that really makes your product stand out, then tell us why it stands out. What it does for your clients is what separates you from your competitors - not its name.