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Not A British Way To Behave

I was recently in the company of the principal – please note the spelling as principles clearly did not appear in his consciousness – of an American advertising agency, whose idea of good business practice was metaphorically to ‘sit on the client’s chest and relieve him of the contents of his wallet’. Well, that ought to foster good client relations then.

Every business needs to make a profit – providing it’s decent, legal and honest; you do, we do and even our respective competitors, as if we don’t, we go out of business and are no longer able to provide the goods or services that in our case our clients have come to benefit from and enjoy. And, bless them, reorder. However, putting profits before clients’ interests will certainly come back and bite whoever does so.

Going back to our American and wallets then, we are of the deep-seated belief that if we swell our clients’ wallets through our efforts, then they are willing to part with some of that surplus in order that we may continue to do so. Those of you that adopt the same approach will doubtless enjoy the growth of the business and loyalty of the clients as we do. Then again, we’re British. Fair play, and all that.