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For the marketer: no-nonsense marketing

As I write, we are preparing to launch a new advertising campaign for our company – yes, we market ourselves too – and understandably, we want to make our landing page as watertight as possible when it comes to identifying new visitors and potential clients arriving on the landing page. If we were working for you, you’d expect the same diligence, and you’d get it. In order to encourage communication, we decided to offer some free stuff – yes, you can have it too, just look on the website – such as a set of three, ten piece themed blog samplers, our renowned BRMVTDRD (Big Red Moose vehicular tax disk replacement device, which motorists display where the old tax disk used to be; you may have seen one or two as they’re really quite popular), our printed brochure which we have found so much more effective than the ubiquitous pdf version and finally, the Big Red Moose guide to Marketing Hyperbole. Researching and compiling that alone has been a real eye-opener.

As you will already know, the Big Red Moose mantra is ‘Marketing without the Bull’; the implication is that in other quarters of our industry, there is ‘bull’, and as we all know, there most certainly is, and in abundance. One corner, however, seems to have far more than its fair share. Welcome to the world of digital marketing. To be fair to them, most offerings are valid, but with so many players cluttering up that space, in trying to set each other apart, they have all ended up looking the same and using their own, peculiar vernacular. The services they offer, however, are very useful; if you are marketing at all online, then you need to look at these very carefully. We offer these services too, but we look at them more as an integrated part, but not all of, the overall marketing effort. In other words, we don’t feel there is enough in the digital marketing space to base a business on, unless you big it up so much that your customers start to believe it. Hence the hyperbole.

The main difference between digital and other forms of marketing is that it’s based more on statistics and data than imagination. I’m in no way trying to understate the importance of paying strict attention to these statistics when marketing digitally, but it is true to say that the data would be far more valid and accurate if all consumers/customers behave in the same way which, of course they don’t. Hence the hyperbole. Big Red Moose believe – and so do our customers, more importantly – telling it how it is resonates best with the customers, preferably with wit and a sprinkling of panache rather than attempted bamboozlement through the use of a dialect that barely resembles the English we know and love. We think, therefore we are.