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Lost Potential

Frustrations of a marketer – Part 1

Argh! While some practitioners of marketing are so venal as bullshitting their way into their clients’ wallets for them is a legitimate way to behave, please don’t tar us all with the same brush. For some of us, professional pride, straight talking, hard work and a genuine desire to see our clients flourish are our drivers. This ethos can - and in our case, has - cost financially, but we sleep nights.

Imagine, then, the frustration of speaking with a potential client who has such a deep-seated mistrust of anyone, let alone a marketer, and watch them fail spectacularly to realise their potential. Nose, cut, face, spite; re-arrange these words into a familiar phrase or saying.

Helping hands

The potential client concerned, whilst uniquely humourless, is affable enough and has many likeable qualities; trusting marketers, however, is clearly not one of them. I was passing him in my database recently, so I thought I’d call, see how he was and wish season’s greetings. Instantly defensive, he told me that he wasn’t looking to add anything to his marketing armoury that he wasn’t doing already.

Without thinking, I blurted out that I wasn’t pitching for his business – I’d abandoned that idea ages ago – but that he was never going to listen to anyone else anyway, and that I wouldn’t take his account on even if he wanted us to. Can’t beat a bit of bridge burning. So why the frustration?

It's worth considering options

The business concerned operates in a marketplace that we are very familiar with. Over the years I have known them, this guy, and his business partner in particular, have come up with some genuinely great products; so good in fact, that I knew how to market them, knew the best and most cost-effective marketing mix and even knew the marketing messages that would resonate best with his target market.

His stubborn reliance on social media, Google ad-words and means that he has only one client for just one of his products, and scrapes a living pre-testing for the CE mark for other companies who have had the gumption to market themselves into a position where they are bringing products to market. That’s why the frustration.

Marketing without the Bull

So, dear reader, if you want the snake-oil marketers to burrow into your wallet for no return, or if you have no desire to achieve your potential, I suggest you don’t contact us. If, on the other hand, you want a team on board that has your best interests at heart, prepared to put in the hard yards and won’t charge you a fortune, then contact us. Our strap-line doesn’t read ‘Marketing without the bull’ for no reason.