Is It Just Me Or...

“Is it just me, or…”

Yes, we all know it: the universally accepted precursor to a Meldrew-esque rant. No exception here, then. “…or are more ads on the telly absolute rubbish?”. The Big Red Moose herd spend much time discussing this very topic, and I’m afraid we can no longer continue to bite our collective tongue.

Back in the day, the UK was the creative beacon towards which every head from ad-land abroad turned. Guinness were at the top, even selling DVD compilations of their ads; that’s like Chelsea FC paying Samsung for the privilege of running around a footy pitch with the logo on their shirts. So what’s gone wrong?

Let’s have a look at what we’re on about, then. While there may be some on society’s outer fringes unaware of this, most of us know what toilet paper is for. So why ask people how clean they feel after using it? If you’re selling bidets, fine, but loo roll? What is it about the public that they now expect to receive a toy every time they insure their car? What is ‘Smart Toothpaste’? I for one can no longer buy a Nissan or a Citröen car as I’m a rural, not an urban motorist. How do the public know about all the scientific additives in products, particularly ones to do with cleanliness, and even more particularly those in shampoos? I think we can see where this is going. There is, of course, a danger that when competitive shampoo makers, car manufacturers, loo-roll makers (I’d like to see this one!) and toothpaste manufacturers take more of a ‘Ronseal’ approach, the public, who probably resent being duped, will flock in droves to respond to ads that take a more honest approach. So what will happen to poor Tarquin at the London creative agency that invented the pro-biotic, lead-free, now with added Fnarg 538 chewing gum campaign? Frankly, who cares?

On the plus side, there are some really good ads doing the rounds at the moment. Whereas I have already ruled out Citröen and Nissan, I wouldn’t rule out Honda as an option, and whilst I’ve never set foot in Ikea, I wouldn’t rule a visit out there either.

Come on, it can’t just be us; you lot must have opinions too, and we’d love to hear them. We can conclude that those we hear from are as serious about professionalism as we are. May not hear from Tarquin, though.