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Getting The Most From Facebook Advertising

If you're in the right kind of consumer market and need to target the kind of people who frequent Facebook, then advertising there can bring benefits.

Facebook advertising is useful because:


  • You can target a selected audience so you don't waste your money
  • It's cheap to try
  • There's a variety of options so you can meet your requirements
  • The advertising isn't seen as annoying so your audience is receptive

You should take a look at:

  • Canvas, which looks like a typical Facebook post. When someone clicks on them the ad goes full screen and can contain a mix of videos, text, images and buttons.
  • Native video adverts with automatic captions. Most people don't want to hear an unexpected sound track so Facebook can enable captions with sound as an option.
  • Carousel format, which is simply a way of having multiple images, videos & text that can be swiped across to find out more.

It's not all plain sailing though. The two most important things are to:

  • Create visually appealing imagery and text that gets your message across in seconds
  • Target your audience very carefully