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Fulfilling Search Promise

We don't expect politicians to deliver on their promises, but we do need search results to give us what we're looking for.

I just had a frustrating experience. I was trying to find out what other people are saying about "content marketing". It's all the rage in marketing circles. It means giving people valuable information rather than nonsensical advertising slogans.

My pet hate ad message at the moment is Bleu de Chanel's "You are forever becoming who you are". What nonsense!

I digress. My search for content marketing thoughts delivered the usual millions of results, and I clicked on a few interesting looking ones.

Almost without exception the text displayed in the search results was not shown on the page I landed on. Rather, the pages were all about how I would find this plethora of knowledge if I just sign up for...

To me, this is a broken promise. I was led to believe I would get something whereas the something came with strings attached.

So I revise my definition of content marketing... it's about giving people valuable information, without strings.