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Four Tips To Revamp Your Online Presence

Your online presence isn't just a one-off event. For most businesses it's the first port of call for your prospects and customers. It's your digital shop-front. Here's some tips to help you keep your business online supporting your overall business.

1. Confirm you're targeting the right audience

I've said it before and doubtless I'll repeat myself again - maybe it's just an age thing. Before you do anything else make sure your talking to the right people. It may feel good to have thousands of online followers, but if they're never going to buy anything from you then what's the point?

In terms of everything else you do, having your "model" customer in mind means that the way you present your business will appeal to proper sales prospects rather than just people who are attracted to the visual aspects of your online presence.

2. Talk to your customers

Find our why your customers did business with you. Perhaps more importantly - if you can - find out why other people didn't give you the sale. Spot the trends and the common factors and use that to fine-tune your messages to the market.

3. Email newsletters, social media offers and other campaigns need landing pages

Make the effort to develop landing pages that are specific to any offers or campaigns you're running. That goes for online advertising too. There's nothing worse than clicking on a paid link to find yourself on some generic website page that barely mentions anything connected with the search performed.

4. Take advantage of Google

Love it or hate it, Google has a very high proportion of the search market - desktop search in particular. If you're in a market with lots of potential competition then it may not be possible to be #1 on page 1 of every relevant search, but keep at it!

Get your business on Google My Business. Keep your content up to date. Write a regular blog. Publish press releases online. Search engines like content - it's their food, so keep feeding them with new stuff.