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EU Referendum

Well, well, well. What was billed as the most selfless act of democracy has descended into such a state of farce far beyond the wit of the most cynical of political satire writers. As one of the few remaining political figures left with even a hint of statesmanship said this morning “not only have we not got a government at the moment, but it would appear that we have no opposition either”.

What with Blustering Boris astride a bicycle that has apparently far more reverse gears than forward ones stating that there is no hurry to leave the EU, then Our Dear Leader Corbyn clinging onto power in a way that would take the breath away of the undisputed heavyweight champion limpet, despite the resignation of nearly all the shadow cabinet. How much more of a hint does one need? We could always turn to the LibDems. Maybe not.

To say that there’s a bit of uncertainty out there may be a little understated. Just as the population at large is looking desperately for a sturdy branch to cling on to before we disappear over the cataract, then our customers are looking to reassure their clients. Your messaging needs to be spot on and focussed as one suspects that once one loses a little traction, the rest could swiftly follow. If you realise the importance of such messaging, and you don’t want to take the slightest chance of being misunderstood, then drop us a line.

“Never in the field of human politics has so much been cocked-up for so many by so few”.