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Email subjects

picking-words.jpgBulk email is still a powerful tool

If you've got a good database of opted-in email recipients and you've got a good message, then results can be great.

However, the most challenging problem is to persude people to open the message in the first place.

Picking the right words

Getting a good hook in your subject line is critical - but don't forget that the first few words are shown in most email displays. 

I frequently delete unopened emails based purely on the poor use of English in the first sentence. And I can't be alone in this behaviour.

Other things

Other things to look at are

  • Your "from" name - I like to use both the company name and the sender's name
  • Ensuring your email looks good on mobiles, tablets and desktops
  • Being careful how you use layout and images - email clients don't tend to play by the normal rules
  • Using a bulk email system so you can see who opened the email and who clicked on which links

If you need any ideas, give us a call!