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Up To Date

There's so many websites out there that have been launched with great pride then ignored like the ugly duckling.

So what does this say about these businesses? How about any of these as examples:

  • They have nothing new to say
  • There's no new products or services
  • Maybe there's no customers

People visiting these websites are unlikely to return, and may well form a negative opinion of the company.

Search engines don't like stagnation either. When a site is updated the new content is consumed and seen as fresh, so improving your position in search results.

How can you keep your site fresh?

  • Keep it up to date with new products, services, key people, etc.
  • Add customer testimonials and case studies
  • Include photos of installations, events, things happening around your business
  • Create some videos - either "live" action or animated
  • Write a regular blog

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