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Content Inspiration

Content is the Internet. Google and the like spend huge amounts of time, money and effort working out how to deliver relevant results to questions posed. Search engines spend all of their time browsing all of our websites, indexing each and every word on the page so that results can be returned to those who ask.

By constantly providing these global gobblers of gibberish with new words to analyse we can dare to hope that our own websites will crawl up the search engine rankings so that we get noticed by those to whom we wish to promote our goods and services.

But delivering fresh, new content on a regular basis is a challenging task. So here's a few ideas to feed your creativity.

  • How-to articles and "top tens" always go down well
  • Read around your subject online and write an article that summarises other views and adds your own
  • Refer to another organisation's press release - even if it's a competitor. This can be good as a one-to one email too... "I saw this and thought of you"
  • Case studies are great. Write up the whole sales and after-sales process for your favourite customers and get some quotes from them too
  • Run a survey then publish the results. A competition or free prize draw can help boost survey response numbers
  • Look out your email outbox. Your responses to customer queries can be a valuable source of inspiration
  • "What abc means to businesses in the xyz sector"
  • Debunk common myths
  • Write the history of... your major product; your industry; your building; ...
  • Do a study of the kinds of customers you have

We'll come up with more inspiration in the future...