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British advertising

Maybe it's me, but I cringe when I see Captain Obvious in that dreadful hotel booking advertisement. I'm also not entirely convinced that "American customer service" in car hire is the way to go. Can you imagine your average car hire receptionist telling you to "have a nice day", with a suitable lack of insincerity?

I don’t want to be best friends with my waiter; and being told that New Yorkers are difficult then suggesting it’s a good idea to travel with them doesn’t seem particularly appealing.

And don’t get me started on obviously foreign adverts that are either dubbed in to English or just thrown at us because we (apparently) talk the same language. Oh, and what, exactly, is an SUV? And more specifically, a cross-dressing, sorry, aircross SUV?

I know I’m a bit on the cynical side, but am I that much of a minority in this country?