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Boost Trade Show Attendance

Use your website

Fill up empty seats

Might seem obvious, but use your own website to promote your event or your presence at a trade show.

Visitors to key pages should be shown an obvious link to a special landing page that gives compelling reasons to attend. Make it easy for people to sign up to visit.

Use partner companies' websites

Use the same icon you developed for your own site and ask partner companies to place it on their websites together with a link to your landing page.

Use your email signatures

You send emails every day? Why not alter your email signature with a link to your event landing page?

Use the press

Get your PR team to push the fact that you'll be running or attending the event. To make it news-worthy, include any details of new customers, case studies and new product announcements.

If you're attending a trade show then the organisers may also provide access to their own PR efforts. You're paying to attend so use all the tools that are on offer.

Use email marketing

Send information about the event to your email list.

  • Why people should attend
  • What they'll get out of visiting
  • Why they can't miss it
  • Registration reminders

Then, during the show

  • What happened each day
  • What people will see the next day

After the event

  • A round-up of what went on
  • Offer to make information, brochures and presentations available
  • Ask for feedback from those who visited

These are just a selection of ways in which you can make the most of your event budget. Let us know how we can help.