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Be realistic – you are going to need a budget

I watched a documentary recently on exploring Mars, and was a little envious of the seismologist gushing about his new device that could measure stuff 30 metres down from the surface of the planet. There was no mention about budget; he just told them how much it would cost. Guess what? When it got to Mars, it worked perfectly. Tickety – bloody-boo, said the marketer.

Now, we know that your budget comes from hard work and saving, and you’re not inclined to waste it, but you are going to have to spend something. How well marketing works is best illustrated by American sports manufacture, Nike. I’ll not ruin it for you; a bit of online searching will reveal how much this public listed company spends on marketing, sponsorship and promotion annually (clue: we’re looking 10 figures here), but who hasn’t heard if Nike?

I’m assuming, dear reader, that you aren’t Nike. However, in order to let prospective customers know that you have something to sell to them and that they want it, you will need to invest. Please don’t forget that the media that you choose to deliver your message are all businesses in their own right - they have staff, payroll, overheads, yibbedy-yabbada, and will need to be paid. But look at it this way: the right media for you have collectively gone to lengths of finding the right audience, providing it with engaging editorial and – effectively – priming it for your messaging. But they need paying; deal with it.

Back down to earth. You may sell specialist widgets to a niche market. Fine; the good news is that you’re not going to need a budget like Nike’s. But if you have competitors, you are going to need something of a budget if you want to get – and keep - your potential client base’s attention. You just need to spend it wisely. Talk to us.