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All a question of balance

Not all companies want to grow the business as quickly and as big as they can; not every business owner feels the need for world domination. Business may well have been stable for a good few years, employee churn is very low – a contented workforce is a productive one – and the order book looks healthy. What could possibly go wrong?


heart-1088487_640.pngComplacency is a good place to start; The hypothetical business owner “A” concerned may not seek world domination, but a competitor “B” may well do, and a bloody and expensive battle ensues. “A” wonders what he’s done to deserve this while “B” relishes the fight and is determined to win whatever the cost. Sounds improbable? Try talking to Cadbury’s. So how does “A” safeguard against such hostility? Priority number one is a good, trusted and strong brand.

In previous blogs, we have mentioned that there is no magic formula in marketing. No one is in a position to say that if you place this advertisement there, you’ll get this amount of leads of which that amount will convert for this amount of turnover increase and therefore that amount of profit. If we were lucky enough to be able to prove this formula, we’d have sold it years ago and retired to the beach.

Marketing impact

No one will go to the shop and say that they saw an advertisement for a washing machine in the half time break of Coronation Street and felt an irresistible urge to buy it the following day. The point of raising this issue again is that in the early days of Big Red Moose, we took on a couple of clients who, after several months, couldn’t see any tangible results from any of the marketing we undertook for them, so they would “leave the marketing for a while”. Besides, they both said, their order books were the healthiest that they’d ever been. They couldn’t see the correlation.

Let’s go back to our hypothetical battle. “A” clearly “can’t see the tangible results of marketing”. On the other hand, “B” has not only communicated through their marketing that they are a wonderful brand to their own clients, but to those of “A” as well.


Marketing is more than a sales tool; it is a communication device that keeps the user in the minds and eyes of the marketplace, thereby increasing the chances of customers rallying to support them. Without this visibility, organisations run the risk of customers’ indifference and possibly wondering if they were still in business anyway.