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Added Incentive

In the commercial world, marketing is principally there to generate sales either through compelling enough advertising with a strong call to action, or by developing qualified leads. This process can further be enhanced with incentives, and there are plenty examples around particularly in television commercials: free insurance and servicing when you buy your new car, free fizzy drink with your burger and the inevitable ‘buy one get one free’ double glazed windows. There is a very good reason for this.

We are constantly being sold to, and so much so we are hardly aware of it. We also have developed a type of ‘immune system’ to advertising and marketing messages. But we have a weakness: we like to think we can get something for nothing and we love a bargain. This is common to us all, and clearly explains why there are so many such offers around. So the next time you are planning a campaign based around selling a particular product, think how you can make it more appealing; can you do an offer on it, or bundle something else with it? If you’re still struggling for ideas, then perhaps you ought to give us a call.