24 Apr 2017
Remember Reggie Perrin? And CJ? Anyone in business needs to keep an open mind but to maintain a healthy level of cynicism too.
17 Apr 2017
Story telling is now definitely mainstream - just see the Tesco advertisements. It's all content, but choose what's going to work for you.
10 Apr 2017
Constant exposure to the same messages means that people give up and move on.
3 Apr 2017
Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is something you're bound to have had emails about. Lots of so-called professionals will guarantee you a spot on page one of Google search. Well, just my opinion, but but that's just not achievable.
27 Mar 2017
"Marketing doesn't work". This phrase is trotted out quite regularly. Odd that, since so many companies spend so much money on the practice.
20 Mar 2017
It's easy to think from our own point of view, but as marketers we should think like our customers.
13 Mar 2017
In our age of needing to label every ailment, why haven't we given our demand for instant gratification a name?
6 Mar 2017
Suspicion will grow by not telling it how it is
27 Feb 2017
Print may appear more costly than email and social media but targeted well, it returns good benefits.
20 Feb 2017
Marketing has been around for a long time... and a decent budget can provide for a long legacy.