3 Jul 2017
Branding is more than many people think - it's the promise you make to your customers.
26 Jun 2017
Getting attention is critical to the success of your content.
19 Jun 2017
Struggling to write a piece of copy? Maybe an advert or opinion piece? Here's some thoughts.
12 Jun 2017
Praise where praise is due. We like to see good marketing.
5 Jun 2017
Need potential customers to find you online? You'll need to work to make sure your site comes up in the searches.
29 May 2017
We often see it - a marketing piece that explains the subject but doesn't say what the reader is meant to do about it.
22 May 2017
If people don't know about you, they won't buy. If people don't want to buy from you, they won't.
15 May 2017
Your new brochure looks lovely, but does is it actually going to help to deliver sales?
8 May 2017
You're spending hard-earned marketing budget on a trade show, so you'll need to get as many people to visit you there as you can.
1 May 2017
You don't have millions of customers; you don't have oodles of time; but there's lots of opportunities to spend marketing money. What's best?