11 May 2015
You're faced with a law suit, so you hire a lawyer... Your car stops in a cloud of smoke, so you call the AA... You get a burst water pipe, so you call a plumber... So why not call a marketer when you need more sales leads?
4 May 2015
Selling ice to Eskimos is reputedly a hard thing to do. In marketing terms you'd need to establish why it was beneficial for Eskimos to pay for your ice rather than dig up their own. But more fundamentally, does it make sense to consider Eskimos as a suitable target market for your ice-making business? This article addresses one of the fundamentals of marketing strategy - your target audience.
27 Apr 2015
Getting found on the internet is an obsession for some, and an opportunity for others. From so-called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts to online advertising, there's a whole stream of organisations wanting to part you from your budget. So how important is being found?
20 Apr 2015
Wet-your-finger-and-stick-it-in-the-breeze marketing - or more commonly known as doing nothing marketing - just doesn't work. And sticking your finger in the air hoping that people will find your website when that's your only sales channel is just courting bankruptcy.
13 Apr 2015
You've only got a short time to grab someone's attention. This works for shop fronts, exhibition stands and websites. By making simple adjustments to the first thing people see you'll increase your foot-fall, whether it's real feet or the virtual kind.
6 Apr 2015
Email marketing is still an effective tool in the marketing kit. Ultimately you want people to read your message and click on your call to action, but first you have to both get it past the spam filter and get them to open it. Here I'm focusing on the opening bit.
30 Mar 2015
The buying process has changed over the past few years. With the advent of huge amounts of product and service information online, together with other people's opinions, the average buyer will first do their research on the internet. This applies to many buyers whether they're individual consumers or part of a large corporate purchasing operation. So what does this mean to the marketer?
23 Mar 2015
TV advertising has a lot of work to do in order to gain our attention. With all the fancy gizmos that let people pause live telly or just record it to watch later, it's all too easy to, at best, "show" the ad at the wrong time of day, or more likely have it skipped over completely. And there's always the kettle too. So you'd think that advertisers would want the very best creative output available. You only have to switch on the TV to know that ads were not all created equal...
16 Mar 2015
Having someone else review your website is a useful way of ensuring that you don't continue to drink your own bath water. If you've written the content and placed the images it's all to easy to stop there and leave it alone for a few years. However, new visitors to your site may well get completely the wrong impression of your organisation...
9 Mar 2015
There's no doubt that online content is an effective way of getting noticed these days. The majority of most organisations' target market will do their research on the Internet. So how do you actually create all this content?