20 Jul 2015
Are you a "Business 2.0"? Let's "touch base offline" to determine whether our "KPIs are driving ROI". And let's see if we can come up with some new "solutions" in our "idea shower". Fed up with silly speak? Marketing has its fair share...
13 Jul 2015
In our age of the short attention span it's important to get your message across in a concise, easy to digest manner. Here's five things you should think about when creating content.
6 Jul 2015
While social media and content marketing continue to dominate the conciousness of marketers and the column inches of publications you might want to think about some older tactics.
29 Jun 2015
Five questions to ask yourself about each marketing campaign so that the whole thing uses your budget efficiently and is easy to understand.
22 Jun 2015
Marketers and customers are constantly playing a game of hide & seek. Or maybe it's more like Where's Wally.
15 Jun 2015
What triggers interest, and what triggers a sale? These two questions are important to understand so that you can get the most return from your investment in marketing.
8 Jun 2015
One of the more interesting things about the Web is that it's easy to be distracted. Going off on a tangent is positively a good thing in this environment. Recognising that this happens is an important tool which can help your product get found.
1 Jun 2015
Have you noticed how so many shampoo ads try to baffle us with science? It's the ones that just say things like "the only hair product with crazedunclium" that really get me. Just what is it that this apparently made-up chemical is supposed to be doing for me?
25 May 2015
Well OK, so there's no physical swimming involved, and the channel I'm talking about isn't wet either, but the line is good. The thrust of this item is that there's no point talking to someone if they're not listening.
18 May 2015
A bit of passion about your subject is a good thing. Whether it's talking with the press or writing your latest article, it's having your own opinion that gets you noticed. And if that opinion is controversial then all the better.