15 Feb 2016
The use of social media in marketing needs to be seen as more than just a one-off event. There's lots of potential in this marketing "channel" - from influencing people, through converting sales to providing customer service. You may not need all of these layers, but it's worth considering the bigger picture.
8 Feb 2016
Need professional marketing on board, but can’t justify a full time post? Many businesses struggle through marketing, but there's a better way.
1 Feb 2016
Your strapline is very, very important. In just a few words it should say a lot about your organisation.
25 Jan 2016
Budget-free marketing campaigns are out of reach in the commercial sector, but if you've got an army of researchers behind you then maybe there's a path...
18 Jan 2016
Marketing must be seen as an investment. You invest funds to develop your organisation and your products... marketing should be a part of this investment, otherwise how will people know you exist?
11 Jan 2016
Following the crowd may be the easy thing to do, but aren't you trying to stand out and get noticed?
4 Jan 2016
What influenced your last choice of car? How about your house? Or even just the toothpaste you use? Like it or not, marketing activities had an effect on all of these choices.
28 Dec 2015
Marketing: An investment
21 Dec 2015
"Marketing without the bull" - it's something we care about.
14 Dec 2015
Marketers can get a rough ride when pitching for business, and some of this may come from the nature of products we see marketed. But we marketers are only the messenger... it's up to the purchaser to make a choice.