26 Feb 2018
For the marketers: if you really want to be kept happy you'll want to be told it like it is, expect hard work and not to be overcharged.
19 Feb 2018
Do advertisers think enough about their use of their market's attitude to foreign influences?
13 Feb 2018
If you fail to ensure that your message is in tune with your target market then your brand - and business is at stake.
6 Feb 2018
I love the diversity and tolerance of Britain. OK, so it's not wall to wall Mr Nice Guy, but I think we're OK. But should we adopt un-British ways of doing marketing?
29 Jan 2018
Big Red Moose - definitely NOT in the political world and definitely IN the world of real-life business.
22 Jan 2018
Speak with clients in the way they ought to be spoken to. Consider your main target audience first, then use language that's appropriate to them.
8 Jan 2018
Something for nothing is nice when it happens, but when you're trying to compete in your business space you'll need to make an investment in telling your potential clients that you, and your products exist.
18 Dec 2017
We find it frustrating some times when we can see how to make good returns on someone's ideas, but they find it impossible to trust anyone else to help them.
27 Nov 2017
Keeping a brand at the forefront of people's thoughts is a long-standing and useful tool. Just make sure the image is positive.
20 Nov 2017
In telesaels, getting through to the right person is hard enough, so why do so many callers squander their opportunity to make a good impression?