20 Jul 2018
While media editing and advertising are separate entities, we also need to recognise that publications are running a business just like us.
16 Jul 2018
For bulk email - and even one-to-one unsolicited messages - the subject and first few words are make-or-break.
9 Jul 2018
The idea of marketing is to generate a positive response, so sledgehammer or glove? - it depends on what you want to achieve.
25 Jun 2018
Like it or not, we make decisions within the context of marketing messages. If nothing else we're made aware of products because their owners saw fit to market them. In fact, there's a lot more to a purchase decision than just that. If you don't tell people you have something to sell, they won't buy it.
30 Apr 2018
Does your businesses want or need to grow? No? So why continue to invest in marketing? Existing customers will inevitably stop trading with you, and dropping out of your market's eye will lead to the question of your success or even continued existence.
16 Apr 2018
"Absence makes the heart grow stronger" just doesn't work in the world of business. Without being in the minds of your target audience, you'll quickly be forgotten.
9 Apr 2018
You'll have seen lots of messages about GDPR data protection by now. How much of a hole will this make in your marketing lists?
19 Mar 2018
It's hard enough getting people to visit your site, so make sure they stick around and read your content.
13 Mar 2018
Beware cutting marketing just because you can't see any direct results. Look at the sales book.
5 Mar 2018
While digital media is of great importance to the marketing mix, it must be seen exactly as that - a PART of the marketing MIX.