1 Apr 2019
A round-up of our marketing-eye view of the current crop of TV advertising
25 Mar 2019
Capacity is fine; it’s the profitability that needs improving
18 Mar 2019
If you want to look professional, get the professionals in.
18 Feb 2019
While digital marketing is important - to some markets more than others - there's a whole host of "traditional" marketing that still needs to be used.
4 Feb 2019
The day after Brexit, the sun will rise, and the world will still be turning. Positivity and confidence are contagious, so stop sitting on your hands and get on with business.
14 Jan 2019
For the time being, forget about the maybes, and concentrate on the probables.
7 Jan 2019
While some businesses cut marketing at the first sign of trouble, those that tailor their promotional activities to the new reality will almost certainly prosper much more than their tight-belted competitors.
12 Nov 2018
M&S is going through the pain of most of the high street, but great marketing has, and will keep it there.
5 Nov 2018
Media choice has never been wider. Making the right choice is even more important - it's so easy to drain your budget so pick the channels with the best chance of success.
21 Aug 2018
While marketing fluff has long been a part of modern society, we should be aware that stretching the truth too far can have a similar outcome to an over-elongated elastic band...