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Stick to what you’re good at

MarketingAnyone who spends time on the phone trying to develop business for their organisation – telesales – will tell you that at times it is a thankless task and that you have ‘to kiss a lot of frogs’ before getting someone at least to listen. Clearly, there are some very good reasons why people don’t listen: the sheer volume and variety of ‘telepeddlars’ is something we all have to deal with, and Big Red Moose are not exempt. Taking the ‘not today, thank you’ default certainly is appealing and makes some sense.

Whilst the temptation would be to concentrate this piece on the value of quality telesales, that isn’t its purpose. The only perspective we accurately can comment on is our own. Unless any given organisation we contact is another marketing company - which we are unlikely to do and even then, there may yet still be services they would find useful – then what we offer will benefit said organisation. Yet time and time again, a familiar repost is trotted out: ‘we handle everything in-house’. That could be put down to telesales fatigues but in a lot of cases they actually mean it.

Now, I’ve no doubt that if we were to study accountancy, we could submit our accounts to and liaise with HMRC, but still wouldn’t be able to as good a job as our accountants. We could study law, yet would never be as good as our lawyers. And, of course, while studying, we wouldn’t be getting on with the business and doing what we do best. So why on earth is British business so full of marketing experts all of a sudden? Well, it isn’t. But from our corner, when an organisation states that they’ve always done their marketing in-house, so what do they need us for, lips need to be bitten in order not to reply as to how much more successful they would have been had they brought us in. The simple fact is that the more success our clients achieve from using our services, the more inclined they are to keep using us; it really isn’t difficult.

So if you’re happy chugging along with second best, crack on and fill your boots (or at least try to). But if you want to stop cutting corners and get the best out of your budget while also freeing up your time to do what you do best, then drop us a line.