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Maxims and Website Design

Maxims; don’t you just love them? Here's a couple for you: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” and “You get what you pay for”. I wouldn’t mind betting that everyone reading this has used both of these before, and, more to the point, believed in them. So why buy a website “out of a box”?

“Choose your template”. Really? That’s the first thing you need to think about? Sure, if you’re painting your bathroom then that works. But designing your new shop window?

You should first be thinking about things like “who is my customer”, “what are they interested in”, and “why will they be visiting my site”. The answers to these questions alone will help you to design a site that will actually pay its way.

You’ve got a matter of seconds to grab the attention of people visiting your site – make those seconds count and give your potential customers what they’re looking for.

Marketing companies exist because, mercifully, there are still enough enlightened organisations out there that realise that they want to set themselves apart from, and above, their competition. They want – more marketing maxims here – “more standout” and “a greater share of voice”.

Joking aside, they are not sheep and would no more try to fumble around tinkering with their marketing including their website than we would try and grind a crank or operate an oil rig. “Stick to what you’re good at” is what they, and we, say.

But frankly, if you don’t need to stand out from the crowd, you’re not curious about how much you could really profit from professional marketing and you’re of a “well, that’ll do” disposition, then get your website in a box along with your template designed business cards.

Good luck!