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Is marketing now just social media?

Marketing - Social Media?Here’s an interesting one that happened a couple of years back. We were approached via email by the organiser of a business network in the North East who enquired if we’d be available to give a talk on digital marketing at one of their breakfast meetings. We replied that we’d be delighted to attend and give a talk on marketing and describe exactly where digital fits in and when it is or isn’t appropriate to use it. No reply.

Let’s do the logic, shall we. If a request such as this comes through, it is not a wild assumption that the person doing the requesting is seeking the input of someone who knows more about the subject that they do. With this tacit understanding in mind, why then dismiss it because the reply is throwing something more thought-provoking and useful into the mix than the initial brief hinted at?

The answer, alas, is very simple. Digital is trendy. One can assume, then, that the network drafted in some bearded barista with brown shoes who spends his life on ‘soshall meeja’  and who is currently having panic attacks because some Israeli ‘software’ specialists hacked his Instagram account and listened to all his phone conversations, presumably while organising his next breakfast briefing to the enthusiastic, if badly informed, entrepreneurs of Potto.

Again, we feel obliged to reiterate that we are not anti-digital and nor are we luddites. Digital is a tool in the marketing toolkit, and like all tools, it is best used for the purpose for which it was designed: one would no more expect that a toaster would be a viable option for making porridge than a lawnmower might be a useful bit of kit for clearing ear wax.

So, for the bright young things who attend these breakfast meetings, if you want a real insight in marketing, drop us a line, and for the lady who organises these meetings, may we humbly suggest that you don’t ask questions that you may not like the answer to.